Ben’s Butterflied Chook

This dish by Ben is one of his favorites and he says you can easily double the recipe so you have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch :).

He got his friend Louise to road test the recipe recently using these steps:

  1. So get a butterflied chook from the butcher and brine (see Ben’s Brining Tips for how) the chook overnight.
  2. Dry the skin with paper towel and leave it in the fridge uncovered for the day.
  3. Make a rub with:
    1. 2 x red Chili
    2. 2 x cloves Garlic
    3. 1cm sq lump Ginger
    4. Small bunch Coriander or 1 tsp powder
    5. 2-3 tbsp Honey
    6. 1 tbsp mustard
    7. 1 x Lime juice and the zest of ½ a Lime
    8. a slug of vegetable oil
    9. ~1 tsp salt
  4. Rub the chook about 2 hours before cooking.
  5. Cook on bbq (charcoal preferred):
    1. Start with the skin down until it is crispy.
    2. Then turn bone side down, shut the lid and cook at ~150/180 till cooked.

The preparation stage is what makes this dish so tasty:

After cooking it will look as awesome as Louise’s:


Enjoy everyone and thanks again Lou,


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Hot Tip: You can recover the chicken bones to make bone meal for your garden.

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