Chicken Crown

Breaking down a whole chicken is the best way to save money and also know that you are making the best use of a precious resource.

After removing the wings and legs from a whole chicken we can make what is called a ‘crown of chicken’. It makes for a perfect roast and you can even leave the wings attached. I am going to try  (I did, see it here) stuffing the cavity with bacon next time I cook one :).

If you need any help I recommend watching Scott Rea’s video which I have included at the end of this post.

Crown of chicken

There is a line that runs along the underside of the breast. Use your knife or shears to cut down and along that line, severing the backbone. Trim up the neck skin and there you have it.






You can go further and either a) cut the crown in half, see last picture below, and or b) cut the lower rib cage away and then halve the crown to get two breasts on the bone.


Cooking suggestion – PK’s Chicken Crown Roast With Bacon




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Scott Rea video:

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