Chicken Leg, Thigh And Drumstick

Breaking down a whole chicken is the best way to save money and also know that you are making the best use of a precious resource. Here we are removing the legs from the body.

The leg meat has more flavour than breast meat and is juicer. That makes it perfect for soups and curries where the breast meat might dry out.

Removing the whole leg
  1. Place the whole bird legs towards you and breast up.
  2. Feel with your hands where the thigh bone attaches to the hip.
  3. Keeping your fingers safe, cut downwards at that point until the leg is mostly free but not fully cut off.
  4. From below the leg, use your hands to pop the thigh bone up and off the hip.
  5. Turn the bird over and cut around the thigh bone trying to pick up the meat that is on the body but still considered leg meat.
Leg freed from the body and the thigh bone popped up and out
How the body looks after leg is removed
Separating the thigh and drumstick

Simply cut through the knee joint to further break down the leg into the thigh (above the knee) and drumstick (below the knee). In the pictures below you can see that there is nothing below the ankle. If there is you can also cut this off.


Perfect for a curry or sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika for the BBQ.



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