Here is a list of ingredients that I am compiling with their uses, growing tips and example dishes.

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Search or scroll through this table and click the ingredient’s name to learn more.

aioliLearn how to make your own creamy aioli.
alfalfaA great addition to any salad or wrap.
aloe veraYou will be surprised where Aloe pops up.
baconWhere on the pig does bacon come from?
basilThe king of herbs!
chicken butterflied or halvedThe easiest cut to do from a whole chicken.
chicken frame and bonesSee how I reuse and recover chicken bones.
chicken leg, thigh and drumstickChicken legs are perfect in stocks, soups and curries.
chicken wholePerfect for braising or roasting then sharing.
hyssopUse this rare herb in your cooking to impoart a pleasant bitterness.
limesHow to grow and use limes.
marjoramEssential herb and easy to grow.
pepper blackDid you know pepper is a stone fruit?
pepper greenThese will pop in your mouth.
pepper whiteA grea pepper for southeast asian dishes.
potatoesBoil em, mash em, stick em in a stew!
radishSo many varieties and so easy to grow all year.
rice basmatiMy favourite rice.
sake junmaiUse this japanese style rice wine in your stir fries and sauces.
salt tableWhat does salt do?
squidHow to clean and prepare squid hoods.
sugar rawOne of the lesser refined sugars.
wine rice japeneseUse this japanese style rice wine in your stir fries and sauces.