Here is a list of ingredients that I am compiling with their uses, growing tips and example dishes.

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aioliLearn how to make your own creamy aioli.
alfalfaA great addition to any salad or wrap.
aloe veraYou will be surprised where Aloe pops up.
apple roastedA novel way of making apple sauce.
apple sauceStewed apple and pork go together hand in hand.
baconWhere on the pig does bacon come from?
basilThe king of herbs!
bay leafNot your average green leaf. Great in stews etc.
beetrootMore than just an Aussie burger ingredient.
breadBread has been an important stable for thousands of years.
bread flatThe most simple of breads and maybe the oldest type.
breadcrumbs pankoIt is as if someone took breadcrumbs and made them better.
broth vegetable base
butter brownedBrowned butter sauce is decadently rich with caramel flavours.
cheese mozzarella buffalo
cheese parmigiano reggianoA hard aged Italian cheese known as the king of cheeses.
cheese pecorino pepato calcagno
cheese pecorino sarachino
cheese provolone piccante
cheese taleggio
cheese brie
chicken breastA very lean cut of chicken.
chicken butterflied or halvedThe easiest cut to do from a whole chicken.
chicken crownA fancy cut of chicken that makes a great roast.
chicken frame and bonesSee how I reuse and recover chicken bones.
chicken leg, thigh and drumstickChicken legs are perfect in stocks, soups and curries.
chicken wholePerfect for braising or roasting then sharing.
chicken wingChicken wings are perfect grilled, fried and in soups and curries.
chickpeasThis versitile legume is packed full of nutrients.
chili pepper jalapenoMy favourite chili with a mild level heat.
chilii peppersAll about growing and using chilis.
coriander and garlic sauceThis packs a real astringent wallop.
cream doubleDefinitely not a health food but is great for cooking.
cream thickenedMight not be a health food but cooks well 🙂
cream whipping
cuminThis seed imparts a warm earthy flavour and is very versitile.
curry leaf treeA lovley nutty flavoured leaf for curries.
dhanna dal
egg hard boiledSee how to make the perfect hard boiled egg.
egg runnyThe perfect runny egg in under 5 minutes.
garlic driedA great way to preserve your harvest and cook all year round.
garlic roasted
gotu kolaThis zingy little wetland herb is great in curries.
hyssopUse this rare herb in your cooking to impart a pleasant bitterness.
limesHow to grow, preserve and use limes.
marinade beef PK #1
marjoramAn essential herb and easy to grow.
marronThis feshwater cray has lovely sweet meat.
masala garam by Rick SteinMy go to spice blend for Indian curries.
mushroom black morel
onion brown (yellow)
onion spring
onion white
pasta spaghettiLong circular strands of pasta made from wheat, water and eggs.
peanut oil
pepper blackDid you know pepper is a stone fruit?
pepper greenThese will pop in your mouth.
pepper whiteA great pepper for Southeast Asian dishes.
potatoesBoil em, mash em, stick em in a stew!
prosciuttoSlices of pork ham that has been salt cured and then air dried
rabbit wholeA lovely lean meat.
radishSo many varieties and so easy to grow all year.
rice basmatiMy favourite rice.
rock candy
sageEssential herb and easy to grow.
sake junmaiUse this Japanese style rice wine in your stir fries and sauces.
salt tableWhy use salt in your cooking?
sesame oil
sesame seeds
sesame sauceMy go to Japanese condiment.
squidHow to clean and prepare squid hoods.
stock chickenA tasty and versitile stock and so easy to make.
stock rabbitFull bodied stock with low fat content.
stock vegetable
sugar rawOne of the lesser refined sugars.
tomato driedMoosey shows us a great way to preserve tomatoes.
tomato pasata
tomato paste
tomato sauce
tumericAn essential flavoursome spice with many health benefits.
vietnamese corianderI love this alternative to coriander in my curries and laksas.
vinegar apple ciderThis verstile fruity vinegar is amazingly weasy to make.
vinegar balsamic
vinegar rice wine
vinegar white wineA very useful vinegar with a powerful aroma and mellow taste.
wine rice japeneseUse this Japanese styled rice wine in your stir fries and sauces.
worcestershire sauceThis aged dark brown fermented sauce adds a unique flavour to your meals.


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