Chicken Wings

Breaking down a whole chicken is the best way to save money and also know that you are making the best use of a precious resource. Here we are removing the wings from the body.

They go great in curries and on the barbecue. Everyone loves chicken wings 🙂

Removing the wings
  1. Place the whole chicken in front of you, breast up and wings towards you (in the pictures below I have already removed the legs).
  2. Hold one of the wings and move it around to get a feel for where to cut. Where it is pivoting is the shoulder joint. The first image below shows how the humerus attaches to the rib cage. We want to cut through that joint ie not through any bone. I help my aim by giving it a bit of a wrench to dislocate it.
  3. Keeping your hands safe, cut down and through the shoulder joint (there should be little to no resistance) to remove the wing.






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