Rabbit Whole: How To Break It Down

I love eating rabbit. I don’t know about wild rabbit but farmed rabbit meat is every bit as tender as chicken and for me at least, that little bit novel.

I follow Scott Rea’s advice when I break down whole rabbits (see his FB page https://www.facebook.com/Scottreaproject for great catching, butchery and cooking advice).

First I remove the pluck.



Then I cut through the backbone just below the rib cage.


I remove the front legs like I would a chicken’s wings (see chicken wings).


Then I remove the back legs, again using the same technique as I would on a chicken (see chicken legs).


That left me with with the trunk which is simply the best looking cut I have ever seen.


You could even simply cut the whole rabbit below the rib cage and cook the back half on the barbecue. The front end goes into my Rabbit Stock.


In 2018 I will explore cooking methods and recipes to bring out the best in this lean meat.



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