Chicken Whole

A whole roast or braised chicken is the most amazing of meals to share with friends and family. With its mix of light and dark meat everyone is a winner. Personally I like every single bit of meat but I have not had much experience with their offal and off cuts.

20170913 201709_NR slow roast chicken 1
Slow cooker braised
Roasted in charcoal kettle

In Australia we don’t really categorise whole birds between fryer, boilers and roasters (as in America and Europe) in our supermarkets. We really go in there looking for a certain sized bird depending how many people we want to feed and the labels all say ‘whole chicken’.

Much of the bird’s size comes down to what they were fed and how long they were raised for. Chicken is always sold at a low price point and its lean meat makes for a really thrifty meal.

At the bottom of the post are links to some yummy recipes and you can use this table to find out about the different cuts you can get from a whole chicken.

This is what you get from one chicken:

20171005 chciken broken down



More Chicken Cuts:
chicken whole
chicken breast
chicken butterflied or halved
chicken carcass
chicken crown
chicken leg and thigh
chicken wing
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