PK’s NoRecipe Sage and Thyme Butter

A really simple sage, thyme and parmesan flavoured butter that goes well with anything, especially chicken and seafood. I suppose it would probably keep for a while in the fridge but I have only ever made enough to use straight away.

Bring together your desired amount of butter or margarine or butter blend (perhaps 60 – 100g) and then add to taste:

I bring the butter to room temperature, in Australia that will make it pretty soft and workable very quickly during summer.

Finely chop the rest of the ingredients and fold them in.

20161112_151059.jpg 20161112_151728

Once I folded it all in, gently, I went all Baskin-Robbins style on it by mixing it some more on a clean counter top.


I then rolled it into a ball and chilled the whole lot again.


My serving suggestion 🙂