Glutinous Rice Battered Air Fryer Pork

I recently tried a wet batter, made from glutinous rice flour and water my in air fryer. Air frying is perfect for those looking to use less oil in their diet.

You get a lovely light yet chewy coating. Worked a treat and they were gobbled up in no time.


Mix some rice flour and water. Go for a thicker batter than normal, it works better in the air fryer (see Can I Use A Wet Batter In My Air Fryer?).

Add the pork, mix gently but thoroughly and refrigerate until you are ready to cook.

Pre-heat the air fryer and then cook at 180c for 15 minutes. If they are not crispy enough, shake the pan and cook for another 5 minutes.


The options are endless. đŸ™‚

Here I simply served the pork bites with sides of vegetables, white rice and a plum dipping sauce:



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