Philips Pasta And Noodle Maker

I love making pasta the old fashioned way as much as the next guy but the Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker is one of those must have kitchen appliances. Every time I use it I am  surprised how amazing it is.

It really is engineering perfection. You just pour in a cup or two of flour and some water and the machine automatically kneads and extrudes perfect pasta. You just have to cut it to your desired length with the supplied cutting tool.

I am so impressed that I wanted to show you me unboxing the unit and using it for the first time. I had already borrowed a friend’s unit so I knew it was quality.

The unboxing rewarded me with a lot of ‘retail therapy’. It was cheap too at under $300 AUD from JB Hi-Fi. You know I am big on reducing my plastic consumption so this was worth the investment for me.

Note: this is not a paid post.



The controls are clear and simple. Note the extrusion only function, sometimes you have some dough left in the machine and you don’t need to mix it again.


The build quality of the unit and the shaping discs is high. Note the grey cover on some discs. This is for cleaning the smaller holes. I will discuss that more below.




When not in use, the discs and cutting tool store away in a hidden draw.



The mixing area has a smoked see through lid so you can see what is going on. It is fun to watch and my kids love it.





Now, you won’t believe how easy clean up is. I am so lazy that I would not lie to you about this. The hardest bit is cleaning the shaping discs and Philips has a really cool solution to this. Chill out, literally! 😉

Put them in the freezer overnight and then use the special grey coloured tools to punch out the hardened dough. Then a quick clean in soapy water and you are done.

The mixing paddle is strong, non-stick and cleans easily with soapy water and paper towel.

Breaking the unit down could not be easier.

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The manual is well set out and clear in its instructions. There is also a handy little cookbook with more handy hints and some amazing recipes.

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Product Reviewed:

  • Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker HR2357/06
  • You can make a meal for four people using only flour and water in 10 minutes.
  • The instructions were well laid out, clear and give lots of handy hints.
  • There is a 2 year international warranty.
  • All parts are easy to clean and they store away in a built in drawer.
  • You can add egg and/or dyes like spinach juice or squid ink to jazz your pasta up.
  • The unit comes with 4 shaping discs for Spaghetti, Penne, Fettuccine and Lasagne.
  • You can buy more shaping discs from Philips or from this quality aftermarket company in Italy – – see my review of them here.
  • Philips makes and supplies spare parts for your machine.
  • You save money and get better pasta to boot.
  • Your kitchen counter is not covered in flour (if you are like me the whole kitchen gets covered in it). 🙂
  • After many uses, there are literally none I can think of (I am in awe everytime I use it).
The Verdict:

Great product at a reasonable price. It makes better pasta than I can by hand in a fraction of the time. It is a lot of fun to use and I get my kids involved pouring in the flour and cutting the pasta. No two cuts with them are the same but that just adds to the meal if you ask me.

I have one final bit of advice, make multiple batches at a time and freeze them.  Just sprinkle the pasta with a bit of flour and throw them in a zip lock bag.

I hope this helps and feel free to send me any comments or tips and tricks.


P.S. Take fresh/frozen pasta to your friends and family when you visit them, they will love you for it.

Some of the different shapes I have made:



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  1. This looks like a very cool product Pk! Interesting review. I think your spaghetti looked awesome and I can imagine it tastes bloody good too!

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