What a great addition to any salad or stir fry. It brings a little variety and that is great for your diet.

Tatsoi is an Asian cultivated variety of the same species as Komatsuna but with a subtler taste. I grow it as a ‘cut and regrow’ plant next to my other salad greens.


A very faint mustard aroma and taste. Very crisp punchy after taste but not a strong as rocket.


20170818 tatsoi

Grow It Perth



Very easy to grow in rich friable soil. Occasionally use liquid fertiliser or pellets designed for use on vegetables. Nitrogen is useful when growing plants for their foliage.

You will get the normal suite of BadCritters such as caterpillars, weevils and the like. Visual inspection, keeping weeds down and eating the leaves before they do is the key 🙂 .


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