Grow It

What to grow in Perth?

Trying to work out what, when and where to plant in your working garden? Me too 🙂

With it’s Mediterranean climate we have to be ready for tricky growing conditions in Perth, so I present what I am doing throughout the year. I hope it guides and inspires others as I learn on the job.

I would love to hear from you, the Perth edible gardening community, so we can have the best possible resource to share. While you are it, check out the tons of posts written about cooking ingredients (see Ingredients List ).

Thanks in advance 🙂

The table below gives a quick overview but if you click on a:

  • month’s link you will get details on planting, harvesting and everything in between.
  • plant’s link you will get details on looks, tastes, uses and growing tips (some from my personal experience but lots from contributors like you too).

Grow It Perth

Green squares = harvest and plant seedlings
Blue squares = plant seedlings, sets or crowns only
Orange squares = harvest only
Black squares = no planting and nothing to harvest
White squares = I don’t know and need your help

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