This really easy to grow leafy green will add that bit of special to your salads and stir fries. Use it as a substitute for spinach or along side. It is also called Japanese mustard spinach and is heavily used in Japan and throughout Asia.

I grow grow both green and red varieties (plants are about 10cm tall) and pick the leaves when they are still young.


Whilst the leaves look and smell like spinach their stronger taste is more like Mizuna and leaf beets,



Grow It Perth



Very easy to grow in rich friable soil. Occasionally use liquid fertiliser or pellets designed for use on vegetables. Nitrogen is useful when growing plants for their foliage.

You will get the normal suite of BadCritters such as caterpillars, weevils and the like. Visual inspection, keeping weeds down and eating the komatsuna leaves before they do is the key 🙂 .

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