e. May: Perth Gardening

This is my personal growing calendar for Perth conditions during the month of May.
The main calendar page is here and explains why I am doing this and what you can expect.


Starting to cool and although later into this season than normal due to a strange summer. I am changing my vegetables over to an autumn, winter, all year mix. Temperatures are in the low 20Cs and there will be almost twice the average rainfall of April.


  • artichoke seedlings
  •  bean seedlings
    • dwarf
    • fava (broad)
    • runner
  • beetroot seeds and seedlings
  • broccoli seeds and seedlings
  • brussel sprouts seeds and seedlings
  • cabbage seeds and seedlings
  • cauliflower seeds and seedlings
  • celery seeds and seedlings
  • chives seeds and seedlings
  • coriander seeds and seedlings
  • dill seeds and seedlings
  • garlic sets
  • kale seeds and seedlings
  • kohlrabi seeds and seedlings
  • leeks seeds and seedlings
  • lettuce seeds and seedlings
  • onions bulbs
  • parsnip seeds and seedlings
  • peas seedlings
  • potato tubers
  • radish seeds and seedlings
  • rhubarb sets
  • silverbeet seeds and seedlings
  • spinach seeds and seedlings
  • snow pea seedlings
  • swede seedlings
  • turnip seeds and seedlings



  • coriander
  • leaf beets (perpetual spinach)
  • limes (common)
  • lemons
  • mizuna
  • radishes
  • tomatoes
    • cherry
    • grape


  • cucumbers (so they came out)


  • make snail traps
  • build a climbing frame for your peas (see a timelapse video here) using stakes and twine
  • keep weeds to a minimum, the rainfall can lead to weed explosions
  • add 1.5kg of Dynamic Lifter Fruit Blend to each large citrus plants (follow the product’s instructions for younger/smaller trees or those in pots)
  • preserve chilis by freezing, pickling and drying
  • care for your chilis, if they are still fruiting, by spraying with pyrethrum to keep grubs at bay; if they have stopped fruiting and are dropping leaves, give them a good pruning to overwinter
  • trim herbs like oregano often to stop them going woody
  • prune apple trees
  • prune grape vines
  • dig in composted organic matter into your garden beds


  • plant chili peppers
  • plant evergreen fruit trees eg lemons



  • artichokes
  • basil
    • sweet
  • beans
    • dwarf
    • fava (broad)
    • runner
  • beetroot
  • broccoli
  • brussel sprouts
  • cabbages
  • chives
  • coriander
  • dill
  • garlic
  • kale
  • lettuce
  • leeks
  • mediterranean herbs e.g. oregano, thyme
  • mizuna
  • onions – wide variety
  • parsley
  • peas
  • snow peas
  • spinach
  • tomatoes
    • black russian
    • grosse lisse


How accurate is this post? I am trying to give Perthites the best fruit and vegetable growing guide I can and would love your input.



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