Fish cakes taste great and are an amazing way of making a little bit of fish go further. They were a staple growing up and one of the dishes my mum cooked us that will always stay with me :).

I never use a recipe and no two batches come out the same and that is half the fun. Below I am doing a take on Thai fish cakes but I am just as likely to make them coated in breadcrumbs. Sometimes I keep the potatoes chunky, sometimes I mash everything well to give a smoother texture.

I just follow two basic rules in that I use a 1:1 ratio of fish to parboiled potatoes and I like to add colour by using finely minced fresh vegetables in the mix itself. If you find the cakes fall apart during cooking, try a bit more egg in the mix next time.

Parboil the potatoes:


Mash your fish (I am using canned John West Pink Salmon):

20170112 thai fish 2.jpg

Prepare the vegetables (I am going for a Thai taste so I am using lime zest, shallots, coriander, garlic and some red capsicum for colour):

20170112 thai fish 3.jpg

Whisk an egg or two and mix everything up (I did this gently as I wanted a chunky look):

Make small or large cakes, using your hands, as you please and then pop them in the fridge for a bit (just look at the colours, beautiful):

20170112 thai fish 10.jpg

A quick shallow fry is all that is needed:

20170112 thai fish 12.jpg

Serve with some greens and you favourite sides:

20170112 thai fish .jpg














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