What Is A Chantry Knife Sharpener?

I treated myself to this chantry knife sharpener after seeing it in one of Scott Rea’s videos titled ‘tools of a master butcher’. If it is good enough for the Scott Rea Project then it is is good enough for yours truly. 🙂

Remember that we are not putting an edge on the knife here, we are simply uncurling that edge so that we have no “blunt” parts (caused by misalignment) hence making the knife cut easlier.

I have an excellent hand steel (links to videos on how to use them below) and my pride and joy is my 25cm Victorinox Swibo Rigid Butchers Knife. As a beginner though I can sometimes do more harm with my steel than good.

With the chantry knife sharpener the angle of the built in mini rolling steels remains perfect with every pull through of the knife. I can attest that after a few pulls the knives are extremely sharp and that means they are safer to use (with all due respect).



Enjoy and  be careful,


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  1. LeBeau says:

    I completely agree with what you have written. I hope this post could reach more people as this was truly an interesting post.
    Sharp knives make such a difference in the cooking process, from chopping vegetables to more demanding cuts like filleting fish, a finicky step only required for skilled cooks.

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