Today I was invited to join an Italian family’s yearly sausage making day. Making sausages the old fashion way means lots of hard work, lots of family banter and lots of laughter. I felt like part of the family and I promised to come back next year, if only for the great lunch they fed us.

The pork mince had been seasoned the night before. Even if I did know the full list of ingredients I couldn’t tell you but I did notice a healthy amount of chili seeds. That and a carefully measured amount of salt as one would expect.

We balled the seasoned mince up and then fed those through hand cranked meat mincers and into natural sausage casings. The end result will hang for several weeks and if they are as good as last year’s we are in for a treat :).

Thanks for the invite and a great memory,


Balling the seasoned mince:


Into the mincer they went:

Then they are hung to dry:



Payment for the workers 🙂

Polenta and sausage with grated Parmigiano-Reggiono



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