Dried Onions

A great way to preserve your onion crop (or in my case a bunch of onions on special) is to dice them and dry them. I quite often freeze onion slices too but I found both my cupboard and freezer devoid of onions 🙂 .

Note: This method is great for drying garlic too (see Dried Garlic).

Simply dice your onions. I am using brown ones here.


Dry them in a dehydrator until they have lost all of their water content. It was humid and rained a bit the day I did it so they took overnight.


On a sunny day I leave the trays out in the sunshine with some netting on, using the dehydrator only at night. It made my shed smell amazing.

20171112 dried onions

Store them in a glass container with a good seal and you will have onions any time you need them.


Use them as is in soups and stews etc. For curries and stir fries etc you will want to re-hydrate them with a bit of warm water first.



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