PK’s Chicken And Pasta Soup

Simply take a chicken frame or two (hopefully from the whole chicken you just deboned) and place in your slow cooker. Now add water until the frames are covered. Sometimes I also throw in a chicken leg or two (on the bone).

Chop up a brown onion, several celery sticks and several carrots (I leave them pretty chunky) and add them to the slow cooker. Add salt and pepper to taste and a bay leaf.

Let it cook overnight on low, if you have time, to really get a tasty broth going. By this stage the meat is falling off the bone. I pull the bones out at this point to make Bone Meal (a great source of slow release nitrogen) for my garden.


Just before serving I add 2 cups of pre-cooked pasta and a bit more water if needed.

This soup freezes well so I keep several portions aside for the ultimate in thrifty work lunches 🙂




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