This mouth-watering dish is designed to be super thrifty and dead easy to boot. I managed to use some old tired veggies and to get a free range chook on special. I am also happy to say it took longer to eat the dish than it did to prepare it.

I simply took a whole chicken, patted it dry and stuffed it with a whole lemon. I then rubbed a very generous amount of garlic salt, celery salt, ground black pepper and parsley flakes into the skin. The bird then went into a slow cooker that already had a bed of rough chopped onions, carrots and a cup of white wine.

8 hours on low and the meat was moist and falling off the bone 🙂 . I was very pleased because chicken is a lean meat and can dry out in a slow cooker if you are not careful.

I served it with some extra steamed vegetables on a bed of white basmati rice.




20170913 201709_NR slow roast chicken 1



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