Many varieties of this crisp and crunchy edible root can be grown all year round in Perth, Western Australia. They are very easy to grow and my children love watching their rapid growth and asking where Peter Rabbit is :).

You can have fresh radishes all year round by simply planting a new batch every 2 – 3 weeks.


Most people are familiar with the sharp bite it brings to salads and sandwiches. They even go well in soup. Although some varieties are milder than others it is a love or hate thing I am afraid :).

Did you also know:

  • that you can also eat the leaves and sprouts?
  • they go great in stirfrys (for example radish carrot and edamame stir fry)?
  • you can pickle them (I have some daikon growing and will give this a try soon)?
Cherry Belle


20170128_radish cherry belle



20170713 daikon.jpg


20170916 daikon flower.jpg
French Breakfast


Growing Months:
  • All months

Simply sow directly where they will be growing (choose a spot in full sun if you can) every 2 – 3 weeks. The soil should be full of composted organic matter and be well draining.

Don’t over do it on the nitrogen front when fertilising or the plants will put too much effort into growing leaves.

Sometimes the seedlings work themselves up and out of the soil, holding on by just a few roots. Gently pull them out and transplant them a bit deeper.

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