GICICI’s Chili Collection

I love chili peppers and the plants they grow on. There are lots of variety in the 5 main domesticated species and I am trying to grow as many of them as I can. 🙂

I buy most of the from Bunnings (I live in Perth, Western Australia) but you can order mature seedlings from Cantstandtheheat or the Western Australia Chilli Seed Exchange (neither links are paid for nor affiliated).

I am going to share what I learn about chili ranching as I go via the links below and please send me your own tips and tricks. I am especially concentrating on how to grow chillis in Perth.

The Main Cultivated Species (copied from Wikipedia)
GICICI Chili Plants
7 pot primo1,200,000I got this beast of a chili from @Cantstandtheheat. See them on Facebook.
bhut jolokia1,000,000
black pearl30,000
choc moruga scorpion2,000,000I got this amazing looking chili from @Cantstandtheheat. See them on Facebook.
habanero orange200,000
hoa lat
hungarian black10,000
jalapeno6,000Literally my favourite chili!
TS butch t1,400,000TS stands for Trinidad Scorpion. HOT HOT HOT 🙂
TS cardi800,000TS stands for Trinidad Scorpion. HOT HOT HOT 🙂
yellow wax15,000A very very mild chili great for adding crunch to salads.
zimbabwe bird200,000Spicy little fruit and my most beautiful chili plant.

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