Chili Pepper: Tepin


I love the look of Tepin plants. The berry shaped fruit is small and grows in bunches that remind me of cherries. 🙂

The fruit starts of dark green and then turns dark purple on its way to red. It grows wild and this has led to it being called the ‘mother of all chilis’. You will get a lot of fruit during the summer months.


I have only eaten this raw in salads and haven’t cooked with it. The initial punch hits you on the back of the throat and then the side of the mouth. It has a tangy almost sweet after taste.

Pepper Heads For Life puts it at a mere 300,000 SHU.






20171228 teppin



Fruiting Months:

November to March

Please see my Grow It Perth calendar.


This chili is very low maintenance.

I use a mid range nitrogen and high potassium fertiliser regime during the summer months. Soil is improved with compost and manure and has a ~5-10% by weight of clay to sand ratio. Drainage is good.

I usually spray my chili plants with Dipel and pyrethrum (my go to natural insecticide spray) if I notice grub damage to the pods. The tomato grub in particular likes the larger fleshier chilis like the Trinidad Scorpion.

GICICI Chili Plants
7 pot primo1,200,000I got this beast of a chili from @Cantstandtheheat. See them on Facebook.
bhut jolokia1,000,000
black pearl30,000
choc moruga scorpion2,000,000I got this amazing looking chili from @Cantstandtheheat. See them on Facebook.
habanero orange200,000
hoa lat
hungarian black10,000
jalapeno6,000Literally my favourite chili!
TS butch t1,400,000TS stands for Trinidad Scorpion. HOT HOT HOT 🙂
TS cardi800,000TS stands for Trinidad Scorpion. HOT HOT HOT 🙂
yellow wax15,000A very very mild chili great for adding crunch to salads.
zimbabwe bird200,000Spicy little fruit and my most beautiful chili plant.

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