Pyrethrum Natural Insecticide


I always try to use pyrethrum spray and Dipel over man-made insecticides.  That said, my favourite method of pest control in the garden is to squish the BadCritters or eat the vegetables before they do. 🙂

My main target critter is aphids and caterpillars but it also controls thrips and whitefly.

Why do I use this spray?

Pyrethrum spray is made from the pyrethrum daisy and is a low toxic, natural product that breaks down quickly in sunlight. It is a non-systemic and only works on direct contact. This means you can choose when and where to spray with a known result.

Most if not all pyrethrum products use a enhancer additive called piperonyl butoxide. This has been found to reduce the insects’ capacity to process pyrethrum hence keeping it killing them for longer. Piperonyl butoxide is deemed to have a low toxicity to other organisms and quickly breaks down naturally.

As always, take care of yourself and others. Wear safety glasses, a mask and gloves when applying any garden spray. I always spray in the late evening after my bee friends have gone home.



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