Beef – Rib Section

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The Rib Section:

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Scotch Fillet

The area where the Scotch Fillet comes from doesn’t do a lot of work so it is quite tender. It is one of my favourite cuts because although tender it still has a lot of flavour. In Australia it is one of the more expensive cuts with $39AUD/kg not uncommon at time of writing.


I like cooking with it in the kitchen on a very hot pan quickly on each side, aiming for rare to medium rare. I find that it doesn’t suit the way I cook on a BBQ because I get distracted and over cook it when I am cooking for several people that like their meat cooked to different degrees. I find porterhouse is more forgiving on a BBQ in this respect.

If I am slicing it for stir fries I tend to remove the strip of fat that runs through the length of the rib roast that the Scotch Fillet is cut from. If cooking as a steak I leave it in.

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