Australian Beef

I find all the different cuts of beef a bit bewildering. To make matters worse they are called different name in different countries and then there are so many ways to cook with them.


I am going to try and learn and share as much information as I can about this great animal because considering the resources that go into raising cattle we don’t want to waste one bit of the meat.

That said, I still want to get the best value for money so I need to learn how to spot the best examples of each cut. I expect there are going to be a lot of insider tips and tricks to master and by now you know that makes me tick :).

Lastly how the animals are raised, what they eat and what that means for the environment is very important to me. I respect peoples’ right not to eat meat however I want to keep doing so but as sustainably as I can.

Although this image it shows the American names for primal (basic) beef cuts I think it is a good starting point.

File:US Beef cuts.svg

The above primal cut graphic (and similar ones on the posts below) are credited to Wikipedia user JoeSmack.

Please click on the links below for more information and cooking tips:


  • bottom sirloin section
  • brisket section
  • flank section
  • chuck section
  • plate section
  • rib section
  • round section
  • shank section
  • short loin section
  • sirloin section
  • tenderloin section
  • top sirloin section

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