How Do You Make Beef Jerky At Home?

Beef Jerky is a great way to preserve meat. Making it at home you can save money and take control of the ingredients.

We have several recipies on the blog for you to try.

PK’s Beef Jerky #1

Using corned beef and featuring fennel and coriander seeds, this recipe is great for first timers or if you are in a hurry.

Click here for the recipe.

beef jerky 1.jpg

PK’s Beef Jerky #2

Also using corned beef (silverside) this recipe features onion, garlic and worchestershire sauce.

Click here for the recipe


Ben’s Beef Jerky

By far the best jerky recipe on the blog, Ben’s method allows you to use any cut of meat. He even suggests using a light box for a slower drying process.

Click here for the recipe

Here are some additional preserving food ideas and beef recipes: 

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