Cheese: Provolone Piccante

I am carrying on my affair with aged Italian cheese and am spending some time with Provolone Piccante.

It is made from cow’s milk and aged for several months.Ā I have read that it is the type of rennet used that makes for the bitey piquant flavours.

I also learnt a new term. A cheese with an ‘open texture’ is one that has internal cavities formed during the aging process. Provolone is one such cheese.

I think this cheese should be in your top 10 essential cheeses to have tried. šŸ™‚


Taste, Texture and Aroma

As this is a rinded aged cheese, there is a slightly discernible smell that rinded cheeses have. You either love or hate this smell but I wouldn’t call this cheese particularly pungent.

It has an initial sharp/bitey taste that is notably salty. If only aged for a few months I find it has a smooth texture.

Look and Feel

This is a firm, open cheese that is a lovely paleĀ  . I suggest you grate it finely when cooking with it.


I prefer to cook with it but it is also a good table cheese. Try it next time you make pasta or pizza and you won’t regret it. I also recommend shaving it on fresh bread and grated over bruschetta.

porcini povolone
Farfalle ai provolone e porcini



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