PK’s Marron In Browned Butter Sauce

Marron meat is amazingly light and sweat.

This method of boiling the meat and then warming and serving it in a browned butter sauce takes it to the next  level. Your guests won’t forget this in a hurry. 🙂


Catch yourself a feed of freshwater Marron.


Put a pot of boiling water on and boil each marron until they go a lovely reddy pink. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.


Twist the tail off and then bend the tail back on itself. This will pop the shell.


Partially slice the top of the tail length ways to remove the digestive track.


Warm up some browned butter (see How To Make Browned Butter Sauce) in a pan and then add the marron tails.


Warm the marron meat in the sauce and serve warm with a green salad.




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