This essential herb can be grown in Perth as a perennial or an annual. I keep it trimmed down to a small clump to encourage growth. It was missing from my herb garden but no more 🙂

Next time you do a roast leg of lamb, season with salt, rosemary and sage for that most English of meals.


Rolling the leaves on your hand releases a pleasant smell that reminds me of eucalyptus oil. It has a slight peppery savoury flavour that pairs well with beef, pork, lamb, fish and pasta.

Source: Kurt Stüber [1] – part of
Author: Kaly.joly


Please see the link at the bottom of the page for when to grow this plant in my Grow It Perth calendar.

Regular NPK in the ratios for vegetables every now and again and find a nice sunny well draining position. It will grow all year in Perth but prefers summer.

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