Chili Pepper: Jalapeño

This is the chili I automatically think of whenever some says, well, ‘chili’. It is middle of the road when it comes to heat and is very flavoursome.

You can do so much with it from using it raw, pickled, cooked and dried. If you prefer flavour over the heat factor, take the seeds out prior to using it. If you reserve your seeds you will have lots of luck propagating them.

It is very easy to grow during summer if it gets regular watering but it does not like the cooler months. Irregular or over watering, especially if the fruit gets wet, leads to rust and other diseases.


20161228 jalapeno flower.jpg




20161228 jalapeno plant.jpg

Here you see them sliced and the seeds exposed:


One serving suggestion (sliced with fish sauce):

20161228 sliced jalapeno fish.jpg

Fruiting Months:

  • November
  • December – gangbusters
  • January
  • February
  • March


Full scorching hot Perth sun but you must keep them well watered and make it regular. Very subject to fungal diseases of the leave.


Power feed then prune heavily in April to help them survive the cooler months.

Here is the resulting regrowth late July of a good pruning in April:

20170722 jalapeno trimmed




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