In Australia, the most common types of bacon comes from a section along the side and back of the animal called ‘middle cut bacon’ or the back of pork only called ‘short cut bacon. Both are salt cured and require cooking before consumption.

Middle bacon has a bit more fat than the loin only short cut bacon. The pork loin is a lean cut.

Middle cut bacon:

The eye part (oval shape at the top of the rasher) is from the loin with the tail end running down the animal into the middle rib area. It is from further to rear of the animal than short cut bacon.

20170825 middle cut bacon

Short cut bacon:

Features just an eye from the loin area i.e. no tail (see the photo above) and is from closer towards the front of the animal than middle cut bacon. It costs more but many people buy it as a “healthier” option.

More Bacon Goodness

You might have heard about other types of bacon (such as gammon or speck) and wondered what they are. Bacon can also come from the pork belly and cheeks and there are many ways to cure it.

Streaky bacon

Is from the pork belly and is the most commonly consumed bacon in the United States.


Is a hind leg joint that has been dry cured by packing it in salt. It may sometimes be smoked too.

By Valdavia – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
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