Beetroot Powder

I looked everywhere and couldn’t find the beetroot powder in the shops that I needed for a butter chicken. I was in my local grocery store looking for it and about to give up when on the way out I saw some fresh beetroot.

So I made my own dried beetroot to get the powder and along the way got lots of yummy beetroot crisps too.


Take a fresh beetroot and peel it.

Cut it into really thin slices as this will aid the drying process.

Stunning colours: 20161201_121632.jpg

I then used my oven, as it was already on from cooking the previous dish and cooling down, to slowly dry the slices out.

You can use a dehydrator if you have one.

They looked so amazing that I couldn’t help eating half of them on the spot:


I then busted out my mortar and pestle:


Keep the crisps whole in an airtight bag. You can then munch or grind them as needed.





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