Dr C’s NoRecipe Tandoori and Coriander Rissoles

Dr C has the right idea on the minimal recipe idea so his is the first ‘RecipeFree’ cab off the rank. Experiment with your own quantities and remember to enjoy yourself :).

He writes:

Try my tandoori and coriander rissoles with chili and mint yoghurt. Eat them with salad or whack’em between two bits of toast with fresh spinach. Yum!

Take say 500 g beef mince and combine with a good whack of tandoori paste, an egg, lots of breadcrumbs (say 2 cups), coriander sprigs and chopped spring onions.

Add salt & pepper, chili and make patties however large or small you want but be consistent.

The only limit to the serving options is your imagination.


Dr C.

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