PK Reviews: Mr Fothergill’s Windowsill Greenhouse Kits

The lovely people at Mr Fothergill’s (Australia) have sent me out four of their Windowsill greenhouse kits to review. I am reviewing the Lebanese Cucumber kit here and I have asked three of my friends to trial the others.


I simply love this company’s ethos and focus on consistently delivering a good product. Although not a small business I feel like they are eager to carry on the support and engagement even after you purchase their products. Anything that gets people interested in growing their own vegetables gets my respect.

You have to have a number of strategies to do this, not everyone has a large garden (or a garden at all) and Mr Fothergill’s ‘all in one propagation’ line might be the key to unlocking their passion.

Two other big things to note. Firstly, and this might be very important to you, none of the seeds in any range sold by Mr Fothergill’s are Genetically Modified. Secondly, although a large amount of this product is plastic, they are fully reusable. You just replace the peat pellets, buy some more seeds and you are good to go.

Ok, unboxing time 🙂

The kits retail for about $9 AUD and you can order them here online or at your local Bunnings.

This is what you get:

  • A reusable Windowsill Greenhouse
  • 12x Jiffy peat pellets
  • A packet of Cucumber Lebanese seeds

I chose a spot in the kitchen close to the window that gets the morning sun but not any direct sunlight.

Next I added warm water and the result made my toddler’s eyes go wide as we watched together as the peat pellets expanded over about 5 minutes.


Then I worked the little hole on top of each pellet open a bit, added a seed to each one and gently pressed the lid on. You get a few extra seeds in the pack so some of the pellets got two.

When I start to see germination I will crack the lid a bit and when the seedlings are all underway I will remove the lid.

I can’t wait to transfer them to my garden as I have never grown cucumbers before. I had better look into what sort of trellis they need.

I will let you know how I get on :).

Thanks again to Mr Fothergill’s Seeds and Bulbs,


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