PK Reviews: Nylex Heavy Duty 5L Shoulder Sprayer

The Nylex 5L and 8L Shoulder Sprayer range is perfect for people with kitchen gardens, even large ones. I am reviewing several of the Nylex Sprayer range and I started with their Nylex 1.5L 360° Sprayer.  Please see the other Nylex reviews here.

Today I am reviewing the heavy duty cousin of the Nylex 5l Sprayer (2017 review here).

This is a very good sprayer and you can see step up in build quality the extra money gets you. It will last you a long time and I don’t think you will regret buying it.

Spoiler Alert: I prefer the standard model’s feel in the hand and will continue to buy it. Perhaps Nylex is making the standard version to well and pricing it too cheap. 🙂 🙂

Why would you buy a pressure sprayer anyway?

With its superior seals and build quality, this pressure sprayer is perfect for spraying plants with dense hard to reach foliage (such as chili plants and tomato plants) with both targeted solutions such as pyrethrum or full plant coverage solutions such as bio-oil. You could even use it on trees such as large citrus plants.

A trigger spray (although Nylex makes good/affordable versions of these) is not going to suffice as they can’t spray upside down and don’t have the holding capacity. Turning the leaves is going to end up getting spray on you and end in foliage damage.

Note: This is not a paid post.

Product Reviewed:
  • Nylex Heavy Duty 5L Shoulder Sprayer


Pros compared to standard model:
  • Exceptional build quality for the seals, bottle, wand and pump
  • An extra year for 3 years warranty on the UV resistant plastic bottle
  • Stainless steel as opposed to a fiber glass wand with fan and jet nozzle
  • Stronger D shaped handle also makes for easy pumping and even stores the wand when not in use


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Similar feature to standard model:
  • Safety pressure release valve that also makes for easy de-pressuring when you are finished
  • Easy to read incremented 1.0L marks so you can accurately mix your concentrate solutions
  • Plastic sleeve for holding labels to indicate what type of solution you are keeping the sprayer for e.g.. fungicides vs insecticides (this is one of my favourite features as I don’t like to use the same sprayer for different treatments)
  • Filter mechanism avoids blockages
  • Spare o-rings etc are available


The Verdict:

This is a great product and I still think reasonably priced, even compared to the cheaper standard version, at the time of writing.

Build quality is very very high and you should get many years out of it. I have never had one of these block on me!

If you have never owned a pressure sprayer you will love it. You are going to use a lot less plastic packaging and save money by using concentrate sprays over premixes.

I have never had one of these block on me!

If you have any questions about the product range I recommend contacting the Nylex team at

Hope this review helps and feel free to send me any comments or corrections.


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4 comments on “PK Reviews: Nylex Heavy Duty 5L Shoulder Sprayer”
  1. Adriaan Schepel says:

    Unimpressed. The two locking lugs on mine snapped off when trying to unlock it for refilling. I only tightened it enough to stop leaking air, so it wasn’t amped down super-tight. Do you think I can find a spare parts list for anything that isn’t a washer or grommet here? No chance. Not happy, and it hadn’t done a lot of work either. (Note: I am a horticulturist, and sprayers are part of my daily life. This one won’t be any more!)

  2. Antman says:

    The shoulder strap connects too close to the pressure relief valve so whenever you use the strap it releases all of the pressure. I had to use the strap from my old pressure sprayer and assorted cable ties to get it to work, should have just taken it back, this is just a badly designed piece of junk.

  3. Ross Verstrepen says:

    Is the most unreliable ,temramental peace of shit i have ever owned 5ltr nylex garden sprayer

    1. Philip Kindleysides says:

      Oh, I recommend taking it back. I have had mine over 2 years now with no issues. I am not even very nice to it, I leave them out in the elements sometimes and don’t clean them. I hope you get your money back.

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