PK Reviews: Mr Fothergill’s Cucumber Windowsill Greenhouse Kit – Daily Updates

So on the 16th of July 2016 I ‘unboxed’ one of the Mr Fothergill’s Windowsill Greenhouse Kits. Check out that post here.

I will be updating this post with the latest snaps and observations.

Finally it is planting time (25/08/2016:)


Today (20/08/2016) the seedlings have gotten large enough for me to start making them sun tolerant. I did this by exposing them to slightly longer periods of direct sunlight each day.


The last 7 days of growth (03/08/2016), almost all the seeds have germinated:


Day 13: Most of the seeds have germinated. Not all as the same rate but I am happy 🙂


Day 6: Morning and then night, go guys go 🙂


Day 3: First signs of germination so I cracked the lid slightly after taking this snap :).




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