How Do I Use Pomegranate Fruit?

The pomegranate shrub is a hardy plant originally hailing from the Mediterranean.

It’s large round red-purple fruit look and smell amazing. Pomegranates are used in cooking and baking, uses ranging from juices, smoothies, wines, teas, garnishes, jams and fillings.

The outside of the fruit should feel firm and straw like when lightly squeezed. 

The fruit is full of tiny little soft berries that contain a small edible seed and lots of juice. Their taste is slightly sour and the texture is akin to passion-fruit seeds.

I like to cut the fruit in half and then bend each half back on itself. The berries should pop out of the white pulp holding them with ease.

I haven’t tried it yet but apparently you can put the seeds in a blender and then strain to get juice that you can put in your smoothies or tea blends.

My favourite use of the berries is as a salad garnish for looks and texture.



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