How Do I Use Za’atar?

Popular in Middle Eastern and eastern Mediterranean regions this spice blend adds a fragrant  earthy flavour to your dishes. 

Regional variants abound but most blends contain the herbs oragano, savoury, thyme and majoram mixed with spices and seasame seeds. Common spices are cumin, coriander seeds and fennel seeds.

I mostly use this spice mixture as a dry rub on white fish, chicken, beef and lamb. Try mixing it with sumac and coating some lamb chops, it is a visual and aromatic treat. 

Za’atar mixed with olive oil makes an awesome dip or spread for turkish bread and the like. 

Here are some serving suggestions.

Lamb chops with a sumac crust:

Za’atar dusted chicken breasts:

Beef top-side roast coated in za’atar, salt and pepper:



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