PK’s Slow Charcoal Weber Lamb Leg Roast

There are few meals more mouth-watering than the Aussie Sunday lamb roast. 

My favourite is the mini lamb leg roast because it is so cheap yet it always turns out tender across a range of cooking methods. Here I have cooked the roast in my charcoal Weber for ~2.5 hrs using a lowish (130°C) indirect coal method. The spuds needed a finish off in a hot oven to get them crispy but that was the only time I had to do anything.

Bone in it came to 1.1kg and $12.50 for 4 people. Talk about thrifty easy cooking! 


Put the lamb in a zip lock bag with garlic-infused olive oil, a handful of rosemary and oregano, salt and pepper at least 2 hours prior to cooking and refrigerate. Massage the bag every now and again to spread the oil around evenly.

Take the bag out of the fridge so it can approach room temperature just as it goes onto the Weber. Use your preferred coal technique (I described mine above and the coals are off to the side in a holder) so that your meat has an internal temperature of 70 C for medium-well. 

Pop the potatoes alongside the lamb at the start, carrots and pumpkin etc in about an hour later. Transfer them to a piping hot oven about 30 minutes prior to serving to get them crispy. 

When you get the meat to the temperature you want, transfer it to a chopping board and cover it with aluminium foil to let it rest for at least 10 – 15 minutes. 


Serve hot with Dave’s Mint and Balsamic Sauce and lots of gravy. 🙂




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