Avocado, Cheese And Pine Nut Pasta Salad

The creamy avocado paste,  grana padano cheese and pine nuts make  this cold pasta salad a real hit.  Throw in some cherry tomatoes  to make the colours pop and you will have an irresistibile crowd pleaser.   

I’ve used  tagliatelle here but it works well with short pasta shapes like  fusilli.



Cook  about  120 grams of tagliatelle until al dente. Whilst the pasta is cooking, mix an avocado with some garlic infused olive oil and a handful of grated cheese in a blender.

When the pasta is cooked add it and some of the pasta water to the avocado mixture. Gently fold the pasta through the paste until  you have an even coating. 

Throw in a handful of cherry tomatoes, a generous amount of pine nuts and  chill the salad until serving time.




I make this for family barbeques and eating al fresco  on hot Perth summer nights. 

It doesn’t seem to matter how much I make. There is never anything left 🙂




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