PK Makes Heng’s Brand Nyonya Chicken Curry

Malaysian cuisine features some of my favourite comfort food. I was in my local Asian grocer last week and saw a Chicken Nyonya Curry ‘ready to cook’ paste made by the Heng’s brand.


I love making Nyonya rempah from scratch but I thought I would give this product a try. I was thinking forward to times I might need a comfort curry but can’t be bothered cooking one from scratch.

It was amazing and I am going to stock up this and their other flavours. The colours and fragrances balanced perfectly and there was just the right amount of chili kick.

Heng’s has posted a youtube video here and I am going to show you what I did too.

Note: This is not a paid post.

First I parboiled about 600g of peeled chunky sliced potatoes in boiling water with a pinch of saffron. I misunderstood the label’s directions and thought I needed 1.5kg of chicken pieces and potatoes combined. It is actually 1.5kg of chicken pieces and additional potatoes. No problem, it still worked out fine and the paste didn’t miss a beat.

While I was doing that I heated the paste until the oil started to separate out.


I very gently mixed in my ~900g chicken pieces, coating every bit of them with the paste.


I added the potatoes and a generous handful of fresh curry tree leaves.


After gently mixing everything, I added 500ml of water (taking care not to wash the paste off the chicken and potatoes).

I slowly brought everything to a gentle boil and then simmered, covered, for about 15 minutes. Just look at the colours!


I then added 100ml of coconut milk and let the sauce simmer for a few more minutes. You can certainly skip this step if you want a runnier sauce.




Gently place the chicken and potato into serving bowls and then spoon lots of sauce over everything.

White rice and plenty of roti wouldn’t go amiss either. 🙂

2018-05-19 12.42.24

2018-05-19 12.39.57




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2 comments on “PK Makes Heng’s Brand Nyonya Chicken Curry”
  1. This looks delicious PK! If only I could smell it through the screen, I bet your home smells divine right now.

    1. Philip Kindleysides says:

      Thanks it was and did :). There was a lovely rhythm to the cooking process too.

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