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Curry Leaf Tree

I love this tree. The sight of it and the smell it releases when you brush past it make me smile. It can be hard to find in a nursery and they are not cheap. I got mine from Bunnings as a small seedling and resisting the temptation to harvest it too early took a lot of will power.

I am keeping it to less than two meters tall by harvesting the sprigs and the odd prune. The soil around it drains well and is about 6.5 to 7.0 pH. As you can see, I have removed the lower branches completely and planted other herbs around the base with no problems. I will try to propagate some of the berries (if I ever get any) so I can share some seedlings. I have read that this plant propagates from ripe fruit only though. I will let you know how I go.


Edit: I have had my first flowers (4 years in):

20171205 curry leaf tree flower.jpg

I was a bit unsure myself what a sprig of curry leaves is as some of the recipes I use call for 10 sprigs. On the right of the plate below is about 5 sprigs, it seems a lot but trust me it is right. I am yet to ‘over do it’ on the curry leaf front ☺.

Strip the leaves off the twigs and add them as required to the dish. There is no need to take them out before eating so don’t worry.

Fresh is best, then refrigerated from your local Asian grocer, then and only then, dried.


Whenever I ask people if they want some fresh curry leaves from my kitchen garden they mostly ask what you can do with them. If you click on this link you will find a growing list of recipes that use curry leaves.


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