BadCritters: Aphids

These little plant suckers are often not noticed until their numbers are out of control.  Another sign is that are often seen with ants that are “herding” them for the honeydew the aphids secret.


One of the many in the aphid superfamiy Aphidoidea.


20170915 aphid zoom.jpg


Aphids suck the goodness out of the plants and this leads to them being in poor health. The honeydew they secrete attracts ants and fungal diseases and the holes they put in the plants can let in viruses.


I have only had a few infestations that my ladybird friends could not handle. In those cases I have used pyrethrum spray. I wait until my bee friends have gone to sleep though.

You can also use bio-oils or a good spray with the hose pipe will knock them off the plants.


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