BadCritter: White Cabbage Butterfly


Oh but I hate these beautiful little butterflies. They are particularly active in spring and early summer. I don’t see them in January and February in Perth and suspect it is just too hot.

I squish them and their caterpillars, turning them back into the soil.


Pieris rapae



20171203 white butterfly






They will munch your greens leaving the tell tale holes you see above. The caterpillars are hard to spot as you can see.


I usually spray my chili plants and greens with Dipel and pyrethrum (my go to natural insecticide spray) if I notice any damage. I found the first time I used Dipel was amazing. I didn’t think the caterpillars were doing that much harm to the plant but the returning plant vigor proved that wrong.

Ben swears by the use of butterfly shaped cardboard cutouts and I use egg shells. Both methods are thought to make the laying females move along to another patch.

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