In my quest to keep up with my worm farms and compost bins I am always on the look out for new sources of vegetable matter.

There is lots of conflicting opinion on using weeds in your compost. The fear being that the compost will then spread weeds anywhere you use it.

I firmly believe you can use them in your worm farms and compost bins and here is how.

Choose your weeds carefully

I only use the leafy varieties and not those that spread via runners and create a ground cover. The latter I just pull and leave on top of the soil. They tend to mulch and stop other weeds growing if you do this enough. Really tough to pull weeds can always be killed using this method.


Don’t include any seeds

Pull seed pods off any weeds you are going to use or simply bypass them altogether.

I pulled these off and composted the rest of the plant

The secret weapon step

If you are still worried you can make soup 🙂 . I have an old pot that I use for this purpose and it doubles as a collection bucket. I pop the weeds into it and then pour boiling water over them. Pop the pot somewhere safe from kids and the rain and allow to sit for a few days.

By then you will have a pile of sludge that can be poured into your compost bins and the like. The boiling water has rendered the weeds, any seeds or BadCritters you missed unlikely to cause you any trouble.






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