PK’s Dried Citrus Slices

I love preserving food as much as I like growing it (and talking about it). So I did some googling on ways to preserve citrus after my lemon tree decided to try and bury me in fruit :).

My lime tree is a heavy cropper too but in Perth it is not hard to find people willing to take them off your hands :).

What a terrible problem to have 🙂

Dried citrus can be used for a wide range of things like:

  • flavouring jugs/cups of water.
  • flavouring your teas.
  • adding to smoothies.
  • cooking mediterranean and middle-eastern dishes.
  • cleaning your kettle of scale (wow).

Simply cut your chosen citrus (I used lemons, limes and oranges) into thin slices.


Pop them on a tray or (my preference) a rack and into an 80C fan-forced oven for 4 to 6 hours. I made sure they were very dry before I took them out and whilst the rind is brittle there is a bit of play in the flesh.

Had to stop myself gorging on them at this point
It is normal for them to darken



I am storing mine in a glass jar with a silica sachet to prevent mould
Hot water never tasted so good

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