Chili Pepper: Habanero Orange

A beautiful looking and complex tasting chili pepper that is easy to grow. In Perth, Western Australia they are ripening in Summer and Autumn. The plant is a spreader rather than a vertical powerhouse.

Warning, they are hot :). I have also read that they impart a kind of apricot flavour.


20170405 habanero flower


20170329 orange habenaro


20170402 orange habanero plant.jpg

Perth Fruiting Months:

December to April


Full scorching hot Perth sun!


I keep it topped to encourage flowering.



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  1. Bloody hot too!! I tried some once and had to drink copious amounts of milk after, my lips were on fire! Good work growing them Philip!

      1. That makes sense. Don’t want to have to take a trip to the emergency room, just for hot chillis! Are the other ones the Carolina Reaper ones?

      2. Oh ok, I will have to google them cause I haven’t heard of them before. They do sound scary though! Hot chilli 👊

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