Chili Pepper: Habanero Orange

A beautiful looking and complex tasting chili pepper that is easy to grow. In Perth, Western Australia they are ripening in Summer and Autumn. The plant is a spreader rather than a vertical powerhouse.

Warning, they are hot :). I have also read that they impart a kind of apricot flavour.


20170405 habanero flower


20170329 orange habenaro


20170402 orange habanero plant.jpg

Perth Fruiting Months:

December to April


Full scorching hot Perth sun!


I keep it topped to encourage flowering.



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5 comments on “Chili Pepper: Habanero Orange”
  1. Jamchop says:

    Bloody hot too!! I tried some once and had to drink copious amounts of milk after, my lips were on fire! Good work growing them Philip!

    1. Hahahaha I have some even hotter that I am never going to taste. I only grow them because I love the look of the plants.

      1. Jamchop says:

        That makes sense. Don’t want to have to take a trip to the emergency room, just for hot chillis! Are the other ones the Carolina Reaper ones?

      2. Two types of Trinidad scorpions and a bhut jolokia 😀

      3. Jamchop says:

        Oh ok, I will have to google them cause I haven’t heard of them before. They do sound scary though! Hot chilli 👊

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