Chili Pepper: Bhut Jolokia

Not for the faint hearted :O.

I spent half an hour feeling quite ill after try some ghost pepper sauce once. So be careful!

I am only growing them to give to Ben who guests posts on this blog and facebook for me :). I am going to get him to describe the taste if he is game, they are 1,000,000 scovilles after all.

UPDATE: Ben and I tried some yesterday and they really are very fruity. The heat gets you on the top of the tongue and the back of the throat. Seems my chili eating training is paying off :).

Some great gardeners on Facebook have told me they have a fruity flavour and really enhance a meal if you can stomach them :). I CAN CONFIRM!

Like the habanero plant that I have, it seems to spread out rather that shoot up. It is a very nice looking plant to boot.


20170412 bhut jolokia flower.jpg




20170402 bhut jolokia plant.jpg

Perth Fruiting Months:

  • March
  • April


Full scorching hot Perth sun!


Keep feeding it during the fruiting months with eco-seaweed (an Australian made product).




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