FoodHacks: Microwave Cheesy Eggs

Got a hankering for scrambled eggs but short on time or perhaps you only have a microwave and no hob?

Then this tip is for you :).

I think they come out just as good as the real deal. We will be microwaving a beaten egg in several short zaps, breaking up the curds each time. You have control over the result being well broken up or not and even how dry you like.


Simply take an egg and whisk it in a bowl with a splash of milk. I then add a bit of shaved Parmesan, a sprinkle of ground black peppercorns and whisk again.


Now into the microwave. This step can be tricky to master and the timing is going to be particular to your microwave. In my microwave 30 seconds is right for the first zapping.

If you find that the egg has been over cooked then you need to reduce the zapping times.



This is what we want. A few curds that can be mixed around with a fork and not a solid mass of rubber nor the absence of curds. I then stir the curds and pop the bowl back into the microwave. Now I am using 20 seconds bursts between stirrings.


I will reduce the times if I think the egg is overcooking. This is how it looks over the next few cycles of zapping and stirring.




Perfect and ready for some toast 🙂

20170208 scrambled eggs feature.jpg



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